Hi Everyone!

I'm Sarah. I'm a graduate student, musician, and raw foodie currently residing in beautiful Southern California. I am passionate about music, art, health, and about making every moment an opportunity for creating something beautiful. 

Peace Love Kale is about living a life that is vibrant and wholesome. This site is dedicated to helping you understand what it means to be fully raw, so that your life can nourish you from the inside out! Living a fully raw lifestyle is different from simply eating a raw food diet. More than just food, Peace Love Kale is about finding balance and nourishment in our fast paced world so you can thrive both in body and mind. Yoga, meditation, exercise, and a diet full of whole, organic, unrefined fruits and vegetables is the Peace Love Kale way! 

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My Story

I was raised eating beautiful home cooked meals prepared by my mother. There was never much junk food in the house, and we always drank water or juice instead of sodas and sugary beverages. I realize now that I was lucky enough to never really develop a taste for soda and candy ( - chocolate, on the other hand...) simply because those foods weren't a part of my daily upbringing. 

Despite my seemingly healthy diet, as a young child I would consistently experience pain and discomfort after meals. I remember having to lie down after dinner because the pain in my stomach would be too much. For a while I felt as though absolutely everything I ate was causing me stomach distress! I went to see numerous doctors, who suggested I cut out various food groups to try and identify the problem. I began with eliminating dairy, then meat, then finally wheat and eventually all gluten. 

I was desperate to feel better. I will never forget the summer when I went from a wheat free diet to a 100% ultra strict gluten free diet. The improvements in my body were astronomical! My flexibility increased, back and joint pain dissipated, and I had more energy throughout the day. As my body began to heal I started becoming more in tune with myself and I started to notice subtler changes in my mood, body, and overall health. I still had a long way to go, but improvements had been made.

At this point I settled into a routine. Throughout university I developed a very regular coffee habit that I relied heavily upon to get me through my busy days. I was still experiencing bloating and discomfort after eating, but I was preoccupied with work and school so I ignored it. My stress levels were high and I would wake up in the morning feeling totally exhausted. 

Then, one day, someone tremendously near and dear to me had a very serious health scare. She went to a cardiologist who told her that if she didn't take the proper precautions her life could end at any moment. Scary. Terrifying. 

I started to research, I contacted nutritionists, healthcare practitioners, did more research...and more research...until I discovered the low fat raw vegan diet. I was blown away by how many people have thrived and healed and turned their lives around eating this way. So I jumped in and here I am now! Busier than ever before but I have more energy, no longer require caffeine, and no more bloating, discomfort, or pain after meals!

I feel connected to the earth and the food I eat. I feel truly blessed.

I couldn't wait to share my experiences with others with hopes that I can help others find increased health and vitality. Always remember to listen to your body, treat it with love and respect, and do what is best for you.   

Thanks for reading!


PS: And by the way, my dear friend I mentioned earlier has also added more raw fruits and veggies into her diet and is living a very happy and healthy life. :)