Juice Cleanse Challenge!

Alright guys, buckle up, because it's time for a 14-Day Juice Cleanse Challenge! Since becoming a raw vegan I have done numerous juice cleanses on my own, but I have yet to write about one in detail. This time around I am delighted and honoured to have two of my great friends Kadi and Morgan joining me for the adventure! Everything is better with friends and I'm super excited to share this experience with these lovely gals! So, what exactly is this 14-day Juice Cleanse Challenge?

14 days of fresh, vibrant, fully raw juice (& nothing else) to help us reset and rejuvenate our bodies and minds. 

To add to the challenge (& fun!), I will be committing to 14 days of delicious fresh juice recipes and meal plans to keep you going on this journey. I will also be posting progress reports from myself and my friends, as well as helpful tips and advice on what to expect on a cleanse, how to deal with detox symptoms, and any other questions that arise over the next two weeks. 

Juice cleanses are a natural and healthy way to rid your body of toxins, to safely lose weight, and to drastically boost your energy and mood. If you've never done a cleanse before, perhaps consider a shorter cleanse of 7, 3, or even 1 day. In order to fully benefit from the cleanse, however, I personally feel that 7-14 days is optimal.

Remember, your body is sacred and one of a kind. Cherish it and it will thrive. 

What You'll Need for the Juice Cleanse Challenge:

  • A juicer
  • 2-3 large glass containers and a few smaller mason jars/sealable bottles for storing and transporting juice
  • Lots and lots of fresh (preferably organic) produce!

Some Tips to Get You Started:

  • To prepare for your cleanse, I recommend eating meals that consist of primarily raw fruits and vegetables, with lots of green salads, for a few days prior to juicing. This will help prepare your body (& your mind).  

  • If possible, grab a friend or two. Staying motivated is so much easier when you have others cheering you on! 

  • Be sure to stock up on lots of fresh produce before you embark on your cleanse. Never let your supply run out completely—try to hit the market or the grocery store a day or two in advance. This way you will be constantly reminded of your commitment and you will have no excuse to stray! 

Not sure what types of fruits and veggies to stock up? Use this shopping list to help you get started! Add/modify it as you go based on your favourite juice recipes. 

Alright guys, there you have it! Time to get to the produce market, dust off your juicer, and get cleansing. You're body will thank you, I promise. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post: Day 1 of the Juice Cleanse Challenge! 

Peace & Love,

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