Day 6: Perfectly Peach Juice

I know the title of this post isn't exactly modest, but when I first tasted this juice my tastebuds jumped for joy. It is SO unbelievably delicious, it must be magic. Or maybe I'm just a genius. Perhaps both. (Joking! But not about the deliciousness—that's 100% true). 

Welcome to Day 6 of the Juice Cleanse Challenge! Week one is almost over and I am feeling energized, sassy (can't you tell?) and pumped for week two!

This juice came together almost by accident. I was walking through the produce market picking up my staple items and I noticed that the cantaloupes were on sale for $1 each. Yes, please! Thrilled with this discovery, I scooped up 4 melons and was off. I almost made it to the cashier when I spotted gorgeous, gigantic, super fragrant peaches (insert swoon here). I absolutely adore peaches. 

My grandmother used to live right across the street from a peach orchard, and whenever I would visit her I would go for walks through the long lines of trees. And every summer when they were ripe, we would bring them home by the basket full and devour them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So naturally, I couldn't pass these delectable specimens up. Peaches, come to mama. 

This is another extremely simple recipe, but I'm beginning to learn that when it comes to juice, as with most parts of life, simpler is often better. 

Perfectly Peach Juice


  • 6 Large yellow peaches
  • 1-2 Cantaloupes, depending on size
  • 2-3 Springs of fresh basil

Don't toss the pulp for this juice! I added some back into the juice to make it slightly pulpy and saved the rest for peach and cantaloupe sherbet. Just toss it into a ziplock bag and pop it in the freezer. 

Happy Juicing!