Day 7: Emotional Cleanse

This morning I woke up with an unsettled feeling in my chest. I felt needy and impatient, but for what? I had no clue. I lay in bed for a while and thought about the past week. Today is Day 7 of the Juice Cleanse Challenge—the halfway point. Physically, everything was going wonderfully. I was having a great time juicing and coming up with new recipes to share with you, I was feeling less bloated and much more energized, but my oh my, today I was just downright grumpy

I felt like today was a turning point for me in terms of cleansing. Up until now, juice cleanses have been primarily about my physical health and my body. They've been a way to detox and let my body heal and reset itself. But today I noticed something else happening, for the first time. As I lay in bed gazing up at the ceiling I could feel all sorts of emotions gurgling and bubbling inside of me. Emotions collected over the past days, weeks, and probably even months, that were lodged somewhere deep within me and had gotten stuck. 

I got out of bed, grabbed my keys and my juice, and got into my car. Not knowing where I was going, I started to drive. I knew one ting for certain, however: today I was going to cleanse my soul. 

So much of our attention goes towards our body and our physical health. I strongly believe that caring for our emotional health is of equal importance, if we strive to live a happy, balanced life. Perhaps I didn't realize this until now, but going on a juice cleanse is both a physically and emotionally challenging experience. When you detox your body purges toxins and waste. Similarly, your mind detoxes too, by letting go of habits, addictions, and negative thoughts. 

During a cleanse it's important to remember that you are both body and mind. Allow your mind and soul to detox. Make room for your emotions, don't judge them, just be with them as you are with your body. Just as a headache passes, the cloud of an emotional cleanse will pass, too. 

I brought my phone with my today to take photos, but turned it to airplane mode to ensure I wouldn't be bothered. It took a while, but eventually I started to feel the heaviness starting to lift. As I wound through the mountain roads I felt as though at every turn I was becoming lighter, my mind less cloudy.

I ended up, as I so often do, by the ocean.  

I found a secluded alcove and spent some time just sitting. Breathing. Listening. 

I didn't have my swimsuit with me, but after an hour in the sun I didn't care anymore and I jumped into the welcoming ocean. I had forgotten how long it had been since I last swam in salt water. The thing I love the most about the ocean is its strength—I surrendered to it and let the waves carry me. 

On the way home I spotted this fruit stand by the side of the road, and pulled over. I left with a beautiful box of fresh mangos, strawberries, pineapple, and cantaloupe. What can I say, I followed my nose! 

By the time I arrived back home I felt like myself again. It was exactly what I needed. A day to spend alone with myself, to get lost in the mountains, and to let the ocean waves remind me just how magnificent our world is. 

So here we are. Day 7 of the 14-Day Cleanse—half way there. It has been an incredible journey so far. Here's to a wonderful, vibrant, deliciously juicy week ahead!

Peace & Love,


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