Day 9: Classic Citrus Juice

Ladies and gentlemen, it is Day 9 of the 14-Day Juice Cleanse Challenge! Hooray!

By now, you are probably familiar with my philosophy on simple juice recipes (love em'). So when my friend Morgan told me how much she adores grapefruits, and when, on that very same day, the grapefruits went on sale at my local produce market, I thought to myself: It's time for a classic. 

If you have yet to try freshly juiced citrus, now is the time. I beg you to put the store bought OJ back onto the shelf and go home to make your own. I promise you—it is SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Not to mention, it's so much better for you. Store bought juice, while it's certainly better than sodas and caffeinated drinks, has still been processed. Part of that processing involves heating to extreme temperatures which kill all of the enzymes and nutrients in the juice (I wrote about this in more detail here). Nothing can compare to juice straight from a fruit, especially not gorgeous, ripe citrus. 

Classic Citrus Juice


  • Grapefruits
  • Oranges
  • Limes/Lemons (optional)

Peel, chop, and juice!

You don't even technically need a juicer for this recipe. A citrus squeezer will do the trick beautifully, or if you're in the mood for an upper body workout you can bust out a reamer and get to work. 

Have fun and enjoy!


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