Essential Nutrients—Are We Getting Enough?

Lately I've been getting quite a few questions about nutritional intake while on a juice cleanse. Something a lot of people seem to be concerned about (—and understandably so) is getting enough iron, protein, and calcium. I'm with you guys 100%. 

Is it possible to get enough vital nutrients such as calcium, iron, and protein on a raw vegan diet? What about on a juice cleanse? 

When I first became a raw vegan, I was deeply concerned about getting enough of my vital nutrients. My family would worry about me endlessly, so I decided to do my research and to figure out once and for all if it's truly possible to thrive on this diet.

The answer was a resounding yes. But it does take work. It's important to understand which fruits and veggies give you which important nutrients, and to consume a wide range of seasonal produce. 

I strongly recommend everyone who is on a raw vegan, cooked vegan, or any other type of diet for that matter, to use a nutrition tracker. I use Chronometer, a great downloadable app that you can use either on your desktop or your mobile device. 

Based on all the recent curiosity and demand for this information, I have decided to start including a nutritional breakdown for each of my juice recipes. I hope this will give you guys an idea of just how nutritionally rich and diverse these recipes can be. 

My #1 Juice recommendation for getting in all of your vital nutrients is my Green Zapper Juice. Check out this nutritional breakdown and be amazed:

In case you aren't sure what this all means, this one recipe gets you extremely close to 100% of nearly all of your daily nutrient needs, including Iron (96% d/v), Calcium (121% d/v) and Protein (80% d/v). 

So guys, there you have it. It is possible to thrive on this diet, it is possible to be a strong and healthy raw vegan. In fact, it is what nature intended! So go grab yourself some greens, whip of a batch of Green Zapper Juice, and let your soul shine.

Peace & Love,