Kale-Mint Nana NiceCream

 Do you remember the days when dessert had to wait until after you'd eaten your vegetables? The lure of a big scoop of chocolate ice cream was what motivated you to finish your broccoli or gulp down the last bit of spinach? Or perhaps someone would offer you a delicious treat and a well-intentioned parent would shake their head crossly saying it would do nothing but ruin your appetite?

Well my darlings, imagine my delight when I discovered that those days are over. Dessert for breakfast? Check. Guilt-free ice cream? Absolutely. Treats that pack a nutritional punch? But, of course!  

Enter the miracle that is "NiceCream"—the easiest, most satisfying ice cream alternative in the universe. Yes, I'm using big words, but I mean them. 100%. 

Not only is this NiceCream creamy and delicious, it is also packed with greens. And, if you accidentally pig out (see obscenely large portion size below for inspiration) you won't have to feel a "nana"-second of guilt. 

Kale-Mint Nana NiceCream


  • 3-4 frozen bananas
  • 2-3 dinosaur kale leaves
  • small handful of mint leaves

Pop everything into your blender, et voilà! 

Don't try this unless your blender has an ice crush setting or is designed to blend frozen fruit—I don't want you to accidentally break your blender! Food processors will do the trick too, or you can slowly add a little bit of water to help the blending process.

Peace & Love,